Modern Mythology

Icarus, accompanied by his father Daedalus, is a well-known character in Greek mythology. Both Icarus and his father Daedalus were imprisoned by King Minos of Crete. Daedalus however, finds a way to escape: he builds wings from wooden frameworks, curved like the hills and covers them with feathers which he attached to the wings with wax. Daedalus warns his son Icarus not to fly too close to the Sun, otherwise the wax will melt. He also warns him not to fly too low because the seawater could make the wings too heavy. The aspect of balance can be seen throughout the design of this magnificent bridge.

Through my voyages
I experience freedom in the air
on land and over water.

A bridge floating on water

This famous story inspired Dutch designer Rop Ranzijn to create a gigantic, bascule traffic-bridge. This Grand Construction consists of a road that hangs from and is carried by, two giant wings which gives the impression the bridge itself is floating on the water.

An enormous vertical curved wing, rising from the ground, forms the pylon from which the road-way is suspended by six cables and stabilizers; three cables on each side.

The underside of the road-way is supported by yet another, slightly smaller, floating wing, it’s tip seemingly touching the ground.

The construction is grand in its simplicity. Two giant white wings safely bring us to the other side across the natural border of water.

Construction facts

The bridge is situated 12,5 meters above the water surface. The bridge is 500 metres long.

The pylon consists of a steel-construction in a composite casing set on concrete foundation. The pylon is 40 meters high.

The width of the four-lane road-way is 15 meters. The road-way is, in addition, provided with two hard shoulders, one on each side. The basic road-way is constructed out of metal. The result is that the bridge gains a certain degree of transparency and is not too pre-dominant in the landscape.

Because the road-way, on one side, is attached to the vertical giant wing and, on the other side of the bridge, rests on the lower half-floating wing, the visual effect of the bridge ‘floating’ is emphasized.

Motorists get the impression they cross the bridge in less than no time.

Floating / elevation

The design radiates vitality, grace and strength. Due to their impressive dimensions, the elegant wings provide natural gracefulness and a pure outline, evoking a sense of grandness and wonder.

With his new creation the designer again delivers an extraordinary feat of artistic daring and craftsmanship.

Just like a bird flying through the sky, this elegant eye-catcher with international allure, enters the lives and imagination of her passers-by.

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