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Troy bridge with white horse in river landscape

The beauty and majestic features of the Arabian horse inspired Rop Ranzijn to create an enormous moving road bridge. The biggest structure consists of a huge, white horse galloping across the water meadows. The horse’s legs rest on small islands in the flood plain.

The road runs between the legs of this graceful animal. The traffic is channeled underneath the belly of the horse, along a four-lane highway. The entrances and exits consist of four-lane roads resting on large, interlocking, black tables.

The moving part of the bridge is connected with the horse’s mouth through the reins. In this way, when the horse proudly raises its gaze, the bridge rises for passing ships. Each time the bridge opens, the landscape is adorned by the noble creature with its head raised in stately fashion. An amazing spectacle for the drivers waiting in their cars.

When the horse submits and gracefully lowers its head, the road bridge is lowered allowing the drivers to continue their journey. A whiff of magic travels with them. In the elegant rear leg of the horse, lifts are installed to carry visitors to its torso, where restaurants are housed on a number of floors. There, the visitors can enjoy delicious meals while enjoying a
spectacular view of the constantly fascinating course of the riverbed. An unforgettable experience.

A piece of architecture with international allure
An image of gracefulness
A magnificent spectacle that leaves a lasting impression

Troy bridge at nighttime with light illuminating horse from below

Detail of open road at raised bridge

Artistic daring and craftsmanship

The design radiates vitality, grace and strength. Because of it’s impressive size, natural elegance and flowing lines, the noble animal creates a feeling of grandeur and wonder. With his new creation, the designer has once again given a fine example of artistic daring and craftsmanship.

And, like the horse that once entered Troy, this graceful and eye-catching work with international allure enters the experiential world of passers-by, taking them, in imagination, for a long gallop across the landscape. As a memory of a splendid, white image of strength.

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