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Somewhere over the Rainbow…

Rop Ranzijn’s idea for his ‘Rainbow-Bridge’ was inspired by the almost magical attraction of rainbows.
Rainbows appeal to the imagination. When sunlight is broken by drops of water at a certain angle, a powerful spectre of colours is the result which fascinates both young and old. Throughout the ages quite an amount of symbolism has been created in relation tot his natural phenomenon and, early in history, the rainbow was introduced as well into the Arts and music as in literature and poetry.

A rainbow symbolizes hope, consolation and prospect. In the Bible it symbolizes the promise God is said to have made to mankind: to never again release such a destructive deluge onto the earth as He did with The Flood. According to folklore a pot with gold can be found at the end of the rainbow and the colourful, heavenly arc might be seen as a bridge leading to new places and encounters.

Raised Rainbow Bridge with ships sailing underneath

Harmony in simplicity

A second source of inspiration Rop Ranzijn found in the Dutch art-movement ‘De Stijl’ (The Style) which was founded in the city of Leiden in 1947. Members of this movement tried to design modernization in pursuing to apply as much simplification and abstraction as possible. Works of art and design that follow this ‘New Interpretation’ revert to the most elementary forms and colours.

De Stijl unites the almost mystical opposites between the horizontal and the vertical, the exterior and the interior, nature and culture.

Kindled with enthusiasm by the search into how to harmoniously unite these apparent contrasts, Rop Ranzijn set out to materialize this fascinating tense issue in an operational traffic-bridge.

Article about the Rainbow Bridge in Bridges magazine

The Design

The Rainbow bridge is, on either side, build up from an manifold of coloured square panels which are solidly anchored in the soil and harmoniously blend into their environment. The road-way too, consists of coloured squares: a yellow slip road and a blue spur road.

When the bridge opens, the two coloured triangels symbolize the sails of a ship. When closed they form a bi-coloured square that brings motorists safely across.

Even the railings are designed to have different colours and will have a natural transparency which deepens the ‘rainbow-effect’. Due to this subtle play with primary forms and colours the design radiates grandness, charm, vitality and strength.

Raised Rainbow Bridge top perspective

A touch of magic

The sparkling range of colours and the stubborn choice for simplicity give the design an extra touch of magic which cannot be put into words. Nature, light and water seem to connect with the bridge making the bridge the absolute glorious eye-catcher it is!

At the same time the bridge does not negatively dominate it’s surroundings. Just as rainbows give up their sparkle in dew-drops on a spider’s web or a wet meadow and in the spray of fountains and ornamental waters, the Rainbow Bridge too naturally melts into it’s environment.

A rainbow always travels with you when you keep the sun behind you. The motorists crossing the bridge take along with them a touch of magic and astonishment.

In his unique creation the designer builds bridges between architecture and design, the present and the future, surprise and recognition, estheticism and functionality.
‘Rainbow’ is an entrance into a colourful future where dreams can come true.

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