The Connection

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View of the Connection bridge from the river with a boat sailing towared the bridge

Designer Rop Ranzijn presents a design that is as least amazing. Inspired by ‘The Creation’, Michelangelo’s world-famous painting on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, he developed a gigantic, moving road bridge.

The structure is one of spectacular simplicity: two big, white hands that reach out for each other across the natural water boundary; an impressive spectacle that delights the eye.

Hands and bridges: two wonderful symbols of connection. Two splendid instruments for shifting boundaries.

The designer combined the two in a spectacular dynamic structure that radiates strength, simplicity and refinement: a movable bridge consisting of two large, white hands that rise up majestically from the green surroundings.

… a unique interplay develops

When the bridge closes, the hands join together and the traffic drives to the other bank through the tunnel inside the wrists. When the bridge opens, the ships navigate, safe and secure, through the open palms on their way to new horizons.

A closeup of the two hands from the Connection bridge toching eachother

Top perspective view of the closed Connection bridge

Designer Rop Ranzijn presenting the scale model of the Connection bridge

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