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The Op Art Bridge with San Fransisco background

Rop Ranzijn’s design for his ‘Op Art Bridge’ is obviously inspired by ‘Op Art’, an art-movement very well-known in the 60-ies of the 20th century. Op Art developed itself from the geometrical abstract art-forms and was influenced by constructivism. The movement often uses elementary geometrical constructions like cubes, balls, cylinders and cones. By carefully and strongly placing objects with simple forms, the artist attempts to typify the essence of his design. The Op Art artist plays with strong light and dark contrasts and vibrating colours. The power of simplicity essential for the design.

Another typically Op Art characteristic is the suggestion of movement within fixed objects. This effect can be created through an interplay of lines or a cluster of colourings, or even by moving the spectator himself! Thus, surprising optical illusions are born. Even less-experienced viewers, almost as a matter of course, are drawn by the magical nature of this art-movement. Op Art is very accessible.

A construction with international allure.
A bridge into a durable future.
A shining spectacle; not easily forgotten.

Raised Op Art Bridge model top view

The Op Art Bridge

In his enthusiastic search for harmoniously uniting apparent contrasts, designer Ranzijn set himself a goal: to materialize the fascinating tension between reality and illusion in an operational traffic-bridge.

The Op Art Bridge is constructed out of several overlapping circles with a different radius. The road-way rests on gigantic white composite spheres which stand on their own when the bridge is opened and melt together when the bridge closes.

Seen from above, the bridge’s slip- and spur roads look like enormous guitars, the road-markings acting as guitar-strings; a playful ‘wink’ to the 60-ies pop-music culture.
The entire bridge is executed in black and white. The slip- and spur-roads show a black road-way and white markings. The circles in the center of the bridge contrast with that. The road-way in the center the circles is white and the markings are black.

Top view Op Art Bridge at night time

A spectacle for the senses…

In closed position the bridge is an impressive unity consisting of round planes. When the traffic-bridge opens the motorists are in for a treat! The components of the bridge are of course, equipped with enormous inter-active video-screens on which ‘Open Art’ pictures are shown: an amazing spectacle!

To increase the 60-ies atmosphere, Rop provided each side of the bridge with two gigantic desk-lamps in 60-ies design. The enormous light-shades spread the light over the entire road-way. The light-armatures are equipped with low-energy LED-lights.

Due to the subtle play with contrasts the design radiates grandness, vitality and strength. The tight and consistently used black and white colouring, the pure lines and the playful optical illusions turn the bridge into an eye-catcher with international allure. An extraordinary feat of artistic daring and craftmanship.

Raised Op Art bridge with ship sailing underneath

…that strikes the right note

A bridge in the world of music links the topical song with the chorus lines. Ranzijn’s bridge connects eras and banks. A musical bridge slightly varies from the rest of the song and yet it merges with it harmoniously. That is exactly what the designer aims at with his Op Art bridge. The construction stands for itself and surprises, yet at the same time merges beautifully into the landscape.

A good song inspires and touches you. Long after listening to it it can still linger in your mind. Like a beautiful song, motorists crossing the bridge are given a touch of magic and wonder as they continue on their way.

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