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Bridges to the Future

A Bridge from the Past...To the Future

Detail of Op Art bridge open

Op Art Bridge

In his enthusiastic desire to harmoniously unite dynamic contrasts, designer Rop Ranzijn set a goal ~ to explore the fascinating tension between reality and illusion…

Detail of white horse head

White Horse Bridge

Ranzijn found inspiration for this magnificent bridge design in the beauty and strength of the Arabian horse. The sheer magnitude and blending of old and new creates attraction, interest…

Detail of raised rainbow bridge

Rainbow Bridge

Vibrant, alive and empowering ~ truly a bridge between promise and fulfillment…Ranzijn has injected passion and inspiration into design!

Detail of connection bridge hands


Designer Ranzijn presents a design that embodies connection. Inspired by ‘The Creation’, Michelangelo’s world-famous painting on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

Wings bridge detail picture


The famous story of Icarus and his father Daedalus inspired Dutch designer Rop Ranzijn to create a gigantic, bascule traffic-bridge.

A bridge to be remembered...

For those who wish to be remembered through the ages, a bridge is the ultimate symbol to connect to a company, person or cause.

White Horse Bridge

Ranzijn found inspiration for this magnificent bridge design in the gracefullness and strength of the Arabian horse.

Decorative top page image

Troy bridge with white horse in river landscape

The beauty and majestic features of the Arabian horse inspired Rop Ranzijn to create an enormous moving road bridge. The biggest structure consists of a huge, white horse galloping across the water meadows. The horse’s legs rest on small islands in the flood plain.

The road runs between the legs of this graceful animal. The traffic is channeled underneath the belly of the horse, along a four-lane highway. The entrances and exits consist of four-lane roads resting on large, interlocking, black tables.

The moving part of the bridge is connected with the horse’s mouth through the reins. In this way, when the horse proudly raises its gaze, the bridge rises for passing ships. Each time the bridge opens, the landscape is adorned by the noble creature with its head raised in stately fashion. An amazing spectacle for the drivers waiting in their cars.

When the horse submits and gracefully lowers its head, the road bridge is lowered allowing the drivers to continue their journey. A whiff of magic travels with them. In the elegant rear leg of the horse, lifts are installed to carry visitors to its torso, where restaurants are housed on a number of floors. There, the visitors can enjoy delicious meals while enjoying a
spectacular view of the constantly fascinating course of the riverbed. An unforgettable experience.

A piece of architecture with international allure
An image of gracefulness
A magnificent spectacle that leaves a lasting impression

Troy bridge at nighttime with light illuminating horse from below

Detail of open road at raised bridge

Artistic daring and craftsmanship

The design radiates vitality, grace and strength. Because of it’s impressive size, natural elegance and flowing lines, the noble animal creates a feeling of grandeur and wonder. With his new creation, the designer has once again given a fine example of artistic daring and craftsmanship.

And, like the horse that once entered Troy, this graceful and eye-catching work with international allure enters the experiential world of passers-by, taking them, in imagination, for a long gallop across the landscape. As a memory of a splendid, white image of strength.

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Where hands reach out to each other…

Decorative top page image

View of the Connection bridge from the river with a boat sailing towared the bridge

Designer Rop Ranzijn presents a design that is as least amazing. Inspired by ‘The Creation’, Michelangelo’s world-famous painting on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, he developed a gigantic, moving road bridge.

The structure is one of spectacular simplicity: two big, white hands that reach out for each other across the natural water boundary; an impressive spectacle that delights the eye.

Hands and bridges: two wonderful symbols of connection. Two splendid instruments for shifting boundaries.

The designer combined the two in a spectacular dynamic structure that radiates strength, simplicity and refinement: a movable bridge consisting of two large, white hands that rise up majestically from the green surroundings.

… a unique interplay develops

When the bridge closes, the hands join together and the traffic drives to the other bank through the tunnel inside the wrists. When the bridge opens, the ships navigate, safe and secure, through the open palms on their way to new horizons.

A closeup of the two hands from the Connection bridge toching eachother

Top perspective view of the closed Connection bridge

Designer Rop Ranzijn presenting the scale model of the Connection bridge

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Strength in Simplicity

The Op Art Bridge: Into a durable future

Top page decoration image

The Op Art Bridge with San Fransisco background

Rop Ranzijn’s design for his ‘Op Art Bridge’ is obviously inspired by ‘Op Art’, an art-movement very well-known in the 60-ies of the 20th century. Op Art developed itself from the geometrical abstract art-forms and was influenced by constructivism. The movement often uses elementary geometrical constructions like cubes, balls, cylinders and cones. By carefully and strongly placing objects with simple forms, the artist attempts to typify the essence of his design. The Op Art artist plays with strong light and dark contrasts and vibrating colours. The power of simplicity essential for the design.

Another typically Op Art characteristic is the suggestion of movement within fixed objects. This effect can be created through an interplay of lines or a cluster of colourings, or even by moving the spectator himself! Thus, surprising optical illusions are born. Even less-experienced viewers, almost as a matter of course, are drawn by the magical nature of this art-movement. Op Art is very accessible.

A construction with international allure.
A bridge into a durable future.
A shining spectacle; not easily forgotten.

Raised Op Art Bridge model top view

The Op Art Bridge

In his enthusiastic search for harmoniously uniting apparent contrasts, designer Ranzijn set himself a goal: to materialize the fascinating tension between reality and illusion in an operational traffic-bridge.

The Op Art Bridge is constructed out of several overlapping circles with a different radius. The road-way rests on gigantic white composite spheres which stand on their own when the bridge is opened and melt together when the bridge closes.

Seen from above, the bridge’s slip- and spur roads look like enormous guitars, the road-markings acting as guitar-strings; a playful ‘wink’ to the 60-ies pop-music culture.
The entire bridge is executed in black and white. The slip- and spur-roads show a black road-way and white markings. The circles in the center of the bridge contrast with that. The road-way in the center the circles is white and the markings are black.

Top view Op Art Bridge at night time

A spectacle for the senses…

In closed position the bridge is an impressive unity consisting of round planes. When the traffic-bridge opens the motorists are in for a treat! The components of the bridge are of course, equipped with enormous inter-active video-screens on which ‘Open Art’ pictures are shown: an amazing spectacle!

To increase the 60-ies atmosphere, Rop provided each side of the bridge with two gigantic desk-lamps in 60-ies design. The enormous light-shades spread the light over the entire road-way. The light-armatures are equipped with low-energy LED-lights.

Due to the subtle play with contrasts the design radiates grandness, vitality and strength. The tight and consistently used black and white colouring, the pure lines and the playful optical illusions turn the bridge into an eye-catcher with international allure. An extraordinary feat of artistic daring and craftmanship.

Raised Op Art bridge with ship sailing underneath

…that strikes the right note

A bridge in the world of music links the topical song with the chorus lines. Ranzijn’s bridge connects eras and banks. A musical bridge slightly varies from the rest of the song and yet it merges with it harmoniously. That is exactly what the designer aims at with his Op Art bridge. The construction stands for itself and surprises, yet at the same time merges beautifully into the landscape.

A good song inspires and touches you. Long after listening to it it can still linger in your mind. Like a beautiful song, motorists crossing the bridge are given a touch of magic and wonder as they continue on their way.

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Rainbow Bridge

A sparkling symbolic sight, A bridge from promise to fulfillment, A spectacle that sticks to you

Decorative top page element

Somewhere over the Rainbow…

Rop Ranzijn’s idea for his ‘Rainbow-Bridge’ was inspired by the almost magical attraction of rainbows.
Rainbows appeal to the imagination. When sunlight is broken by drops of water at a certain angle, a powerful spectre of colours is the result which fascinates both young and old. Throughout the ages quite an amount of symbolism has been created in relation tot his natural phenomenon and, early in history, the rainbow was introduced as well into the Arts and music as in literature and poetry.

A rainbow symbolizes hope, consolation and prospect. In the Bible it symbolizes the promise God is said to have made to mankind: to never again release such a destructive deluge onto the earth as He did with The Flood. According to folklore a pot with gold can be found at the end of the rainbow and the colourful, heavenly arc might be seen as a bridge leading to new places and encounters.

Raised Rainbow Bridge with ships sailing underneath

Harmony in simplicity

A second source of inspiration Rop Ranzijn found in the Dutch art-movement ‘De Stijl’ (The Style) which was founded in the city of Leiden in 1947. Members of this movement tried to design modernization in pursuing to apply as much simplification and abstraction as possible. Works of art and design that follow this ‘New Interpretation’ revert to the most elementary forms and colours.

De Stijl unites the almost mystical opposites between the horizontal and the vertical, the exterior and the interior, nature and culture.

Kindled with enthusiasm by the search into how to harmoniously unite these apparent contrasts, Rop Ranzijn set out to materialize this fascinating tense issue in an operational traffic-bridge.

Article about the Rainbow Bridge in Bridges magazine

The Design

The Rainbow bridge is, on either side, build up from an manifold of coloured square panels which are solidly anchored in the soil and harmoniously blend into their environment. The road-way too, consists of coloured squares: a yellow slip road and a blue spur road.

When the bridge opens, the two coloured triangels symbolize the sails of a ship. When closed they form a bi-coloured square that brings motorists safely across.

Even the railings are designed to have different colours and will have a natural transparency which deepens the ‘rainbow-effect’. Due to this subtle play with primary forms and colours the design radiates grandness, charm, vitality and strength.

Raised Rainbow Bridge top perspective

A touch of magic

The sparkling range of colours and the stubborn choice for simplicity give the design an extra touch of magic which cannot be put into words. Nature, light and water seem to connect with the bridge making the bridge the absolute glorious eye-catcher it is!

At the same time the bridge does not negatively dominate it’s surroundings. Just as rainbows give up their sparkle in dew-drops on a spider’s web or a wet meadow and in the spray of fountains and ornamental waters, the Rainbow Bridge too naturally melts into it’s environment.

A rainbow always travels with you when you keep the sun behind you. The motorists crossing the bridge take along with them a touch of magic and astonishment.

In his unique creation the designer builds bridges between architecture and design, the present and the future, surprise and recognition, estheticism and functionality.
‘Rainbow’ is an entrance into a colourful future where dreams can come true.

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‘Give me wings so I can fly’

Modern Mythology

Icarus, accompanied by his father Daedalus, is a well-known character in Greek mythology. Both Icarus and his father Daedalus were imprisoned by King Minos of Crete. Daedalus however, finds a way to escape: he builds wings from wooden frameworks, curved like the hills and covers them with feathers which he attached to the wings with wax. Daedalus warns his son Icarus not to fly too close to the Sun, otherwise the wax will melt. He also warns him not to fly too low because the seawater could make the wings too heavy. The aspect of balance can be seen throughout the design of this magnificent bridge.

Through my voyages
I experience freedom in the air
on land and over water.

A bridge floating on water

This famous story inspired Dutch designer Rop Ranzijn to create a gigantic, bascule traffic-bridge. This Grand Construction consists of a road that hangs from and is carried by, two giant wings which gives the impression the bridge itself is floating on the water.

An enormous vertical curved wing, rising from the ground, forms the pylon from which the road-way is suspended by six cables and stabilizers; three cables on each side.

The underside of the road-way is supported by yet another, slightly smaller, floating wing, it’s tip seemingly touching the ground.

The construction is grand in its simplicity. Two giant white wings safely bring us to the other side across the natural border of water.

Construction facts

The bridge is situated 12,5 meters above the water surface. The bridge is 500 metres long.

The pylon consists of a steel-construction in a composite casing set on concrete foundation. The pylon is 40 meters high.

The width of the four-lane road-way is 15 meters. The road-way is, in addition, provided with two hard shoulders, one on each side. The basic road-way is constructed out of metal. The result is that the bridge gains a certain degree of transparency and is not too pre-dominant in the landscape.

Because the road-way, on one side, is attached to the vertical giant wing and, on the other side of the bridge, rests on the lower half-floating wing, the visual effect of the bridge ‘floating’ is emphasized.

Motorists get the impression they cross the bridge in less than no time.

Floating / elevation

The design radiates vitality, grace and strength. Due to their impressive dimensions, the elegant wings provide natural gracefulness and a pure outline, evoking a sense of grandness and wonder.

With his new creation the designer again delivers an extraordinary feat of artistic daring and craftsmanship.

Just like a bird flying through the sky, this elegant eye-catcher with international allure, enters the lives and imagination of her passers-by.

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About Rop Ranzijn

The Designer

Rop Ranzijn is a designer and ‘ideas man’. Especially in the field of flask design and the development of beer bottles and furniture, he is among the select group of designers who enjoy international success, fame and praise. Great designers such as Edgar Vos and Frans Molenaar were extremely enchanted by Rop’s innovative perspective on fashion and design.


Rop Ranzijn has recieved many awards for his innovative and daring design work, such as:

  • Vondelpark Art award
  • General Electric Award
  • The Letterpress Design Award


Contact Details

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  • Landgoed Beeckestijn
    Rijksweg 132
    1981 LD Velsen-Zuid (NH)
    The Netherlands
  • 0031 6 103 96 889